David Wilkerson

Many know David Wilkerson as the pastor who went amongst the gangs of New York in the 1960's, preaching salvation and seeing many converted from street fighting, prostitution and drugs. This led to the founding of 'Teen Challenge', and the whole exciting story is told in the book 'The Cross and the Switchblade'.

Pastor Wilkerson has been writing challenging sermons every three weeks for over 16 years, and they have helped many a Christian to overcome and to understand his destiny and God's ways with us. We have adopted a large number of these sermons into our selection of teaching materials and they are briefly introduced below. These sermons can be found on David Wilkerson's website.

The first group of sermons (Category DW1) are very important for new converts to study in order to solidify their walks in Christ, whereas the second group (Category DW2) are for those who want to deepen their knowledge and understanding of God's ways.

Category DW 1

The Judgment Seat of Christ

How fearful we are of exposure here on earth. How terrible the thought of having our reputation ruined in the eyes of man. But these should not be our primary considerations in these last days… It is not man we must answer to in the end – it is God!

Why do the Righteous Suffer?

The Bible warns us that the Godly in Christ will suffer. Individuals must decide whether they will be trained by suffering, or allow themselves to be destroyed by suffering. Looking at Scriptures, this article discusses the reasons why Christians suffer and what our attitude should be.

Sermon-Proof Christians

“To be sermon-proof is to hear God’s Word, claim to love it, claim to obey it, but not act on it!” Study the example of Solomon and see what causes Christians to become sermon-proof.

Awake and Shake!

Like Israel was taken captive by other nations because of disobedience to God, so many Christians today are captive to disobedience and sin. God wants to set us free from captivity.

The Awful Presence of God

The Hebrew word for ‘awful’ means dreadful, fearsome, great – awesome! In the Bible, this word does not have a negative connotation, but describes the feeling we should have for God. This article challenges Christians to seek for the powerful presence of God, so that lukewarm believers and sinners might be convicted and repent.

The Making of a Man of God

“I want to tell you about three men whom God used mightily – and how God used failure to produce godliness in each of them.”

Why Are So Many Christians Failing God?

What are the major reasons why Christians today are turning their backs on God? David Wilkerson examines what causes Christians to lose their faith and provides insight from the Scripture how these situations can be avoided.

Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel

There are many false doctrines being preached in the name of Jesus today. This warning to all believers is to remain steadfast in believing the Scriptures and not be deceived by those who take Scriptures out of context.

Walking in the Spirit

“Many believers tell me they walk in the Spirit – yet they cannot tell me what that truly means… Do you walk and live in the Spirit? And what does that mean to you?”

Love, Fear and Obedience

Love, fear, and obedience – when it comes to walking with God, they all mean the same thing. The Bible clearly defines each, and shows that these three are inseparable and you cannot practice one without the other two.

How Patient Are You?

The parable of the sower states that the “good ground” is those who hear the Word of God and keep it with patience – patience in waiting on God and His working. Many have fallen away because they were impatient with the Lord and His working in their life. Explore this parable and see how important patience is in following God.

The Heaviness of Sin!

This is a message of warning and hope for Christians battling hidden sin.

They Have Done Away With the Cross!

Many preachers have ceased preaching the cross of Christ – though they can preach masterful sermons about Jesus’ bleeding and suffering on Calvary. The cross is meant to confront people with the exceeding sinfulness of sin and to bring repentance. “If there is no confrontation with the cross – if its demands are not mentioned… then it is not the preaching of the cross!”

Escape From All Satanic Traps!

Satan is determined to overthrow every believer, but the Bible gives us the answers to escape from all satanic traps!

The Awful Consequences of Backsliding

“I once heard a preacher say, ‘The Bible never says anything about backsliding.’ That man doesn’t know his Bible! The Scriptures speak much about backsliding, because it is a very serious matter - with very severe consequences!”

Bringing Christ into Your Crisis!

“What kind of crisis are you facing? Is it spiritual, financial, mental, or physical… circumstances so serious, only a miracle can get you out… When you are in such a crisis, you need Jesus to come into it and walk through it with you.” Explore the lives of three young men as they go to the fiery furnace, and learn how Christ can help you in your crisis.

The Power of the Lord’s Presence!

“This message is all about the almighty power of God’s presence – and how we can lay hold of that power!”

Whatever Happened to Repentance?

You rarely hear the word repentance mentioned in most churches today, instead the message is “just believe – accept Christ and you’ll be saved.” But according to the Scriptures, repentance is necessary for salvation…

Change Me, O Lord

We spend far too much time praying for God to change our circumstances, or the attitudes of those around us, and yet we seldom pray “Change me Lord.” If you desire to be changed, God’s Word clearly shows what you must do.

A Habitation of God

Every Christian knows that God doesn’t dwell in man-made buildings. He has chosen to live in human vessels – in people who believe Jesus Christ and have repented from their own ways. The Bible states clearly what Jesus is looking for in a habitation. Are you fulfilling His expectation?

You Don’t Have to Die in Your Wilderness

This article was written to encourage Christians who are undergoing trials and suffering. Using Scriptures and many testimonies from Christians who have been through tough times, David Wilkerson shows that we can trust God in even the most horrible circumstances.

A Christian in Name Only

A look into American culture tells us that we, as a nation, and as individuals, are largely unprepared for God's coming judgment because we're too caught up in the temporal. If you die a half-hearted believer, a Christian in name only, that's how you'll be revealed on the Day of Judgment. You won't be able to deny anything when He opens up the heavenly record.

Christ, The Searcher of Men’s Hearts

“All the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works…” (REVELATION 2:23). Jesus Christ loves the church and is coming to correct His people in love and to purify them…

Incapacitated By Sin

“A message of warning and hope for Christians battling hidden sin.”

The Belly of Hell: The Consequences of Disobedience

God told Jonah to go and warn the Ninevites of their wickedness, but Jonah chose to disobey. Why did Jonah chose to directly disobey God? Where does disobedience to God begin and how can we root it out?

The Lord Will Fight For You

Like all the Old Testament accounts, the story of the Israelites in the wilderness was written “for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come…” (1 CORINTHIANS 10:11). What can we learn from the unbelief of the Israelites? How can we avoid committing the same mistakes and sins as they did?

The Prayer of Unbelief

“You’ve heard of the prayer of faith. I believe there is a mirror image of this prayer. It’s a prayer that is based on flesh. I call it the prayer of unbelief.”

The Secret of Spiritual Strength

Not many Christians today have quietness and confidence. Multitudes of believers are involved in a frenzy of activity, rushing madly to obtain wealth and possessions, or frantically seeking to serve God and filling their days with good works… They don’t realize that if they don’t turn to God as their source, their striving will end in sorrow and confusion. “The Holy Spirit gives us strength when we release all our needs into God’s hands, and trust in His might.”

The Spoils of Spiritual Warfare

“Out of the spoils won in battles did they dedicate to maintain the house of the LORD.” (1 CHRONICLES 26:27) – “I believe if we grasp the powerful truth behind this verse, we’ll understand why the Lord allows intense spiritual warfare throughout our lives.”

The Surrendered Life

Many of us make the claim that we live life totally committed to God but is that the complete truth. Do we really give up body and possessions completely to God? This is a message that should convict all who love God with all of their heart, soul, and mind.

The Touch of God – Moses

Most men and women who are called and chosen, like Moses was, stop halfway up the mount. They stop short of God's glory and miss out on His blessings. The Lord is asking you to meet Him on the mount. His great desire is to take you ever deeper and further into His heart.

The Towers Have Fallen – But We Missed the Message

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, the ‘Twin Towers’ of the World Trade Centre in New York City were destroyed. Where was God in this sudden invasion of His chosen land? What were His people to make of the disaster that had come upon them?

Where Do I Stand With The Lord?

You can’t know where you stand with the Lord until you know His nature. And to know His nature takes desire and time, yet only through doing so will we be able to please our Lord, for then we will know His desires and how our sin separates us from Him.

Who Shall Prolong His Days?

“A message about the cleansing of the mouth, the ears and the eyes.”

The Ministry of Beholding His Face

Every Christian is called to ministry. The Bible makes this very clear. Paul writes, “we [all] have this ministry…” (2 CORINTHIANS 4:1) But what exactly is the ministry of a Christian?


 Category DW 2


Driven to Darkness

Music has power. You know it, because it’s affected you, changed your mood, “taken you back to another day”…How does God FEEL about rock’n’roll? Or, don’t you really care to know??!

The Beggars are a Sign

Let me share with you what I believe God has shown me about His judgments on America - judgments that have already begun…

A Perfect Heart

Though the world and its temptations try to hinder us, God’s Word commands us to have a perfect heart. Finding out what this means and striving for it is ultimately important.

Satan is Out to Destroy Your Faith

Beloved, we are in a fierce war that is a life and death struggle for our faith. Satan is determined to shipwreck and destroy the faith of God's elect; and the stronger your faith, the greater will be his attack against it. 

Beware of a Satanic Setup 

Paul introduced the possibility of a fall into a satanic setup in his letters to Timothy. He understood the dangers of a satanic trap or snare. We need to understand satan’s ways in order to avoid falling into a trap ourselves.

Freedom from All Fear and Worry

The key to freedom from all fear and worry is found in two words - sparrows and hair. Find out why these words are so significant, and find the peace and confidence that can only come from God.

Don’t Be Carried Away With The Flood!

Jesus warned of a coming flood in the last days, bursting against the people of God! He said we can expect hurricane winds of testing, torrential rains of troubles, and an ever-rising flood of demonic attacks. Are you prepared to endure till the end?

The Laodicean Lie

Brothers and sisters - this is the LUKEWARM GENERATION. You don’t have to be a theologian to understand we have come to the Laodicean era which Jesus prophesied would arise in the very last days. Simply compare what Jesus said about the lukewarm Laodicean church with what today is called the Church of Jesus Christ.

Handcuffed To Jesus

It is clearly Scriptural and, in fact, apostolic to pray that God handcuff you. This means asking Him to place manacles on your hands: to lock them up, THROW AWAY THE KEY and take you as His prisoner!

God Needs You Now!

There is so much bad news, so many warnings, so many nerve-wracking crises, we can't compute it all. I think the majority of Christians here would like to escape to some safe, quiet hideaway in the mountains to keep from being tainted by all the iniquity surrounding them. Yet, God’s way of rebuilding ruins has always been to use ordinary men and women whom He has touched. And He does this by filling them with His Holy Spirit and sending them into the warfare with great faith and power!

It’s Not Enough to Get Out of Babylon

God's goal for the Israelites - as well as for us today - has never been just separation from the world. The story of Haggai is vital to us because the Lord has stirred us and spoken to us the same words: "Get out of Babylon, be separate, AND build my house!"

God of the Monsters

We who love Jesus are not immune to the hour of trouble that is coming soon upon the earth! We can learn much from the example of Job in the Bible who “faced the monsters” of life and overcame!

Tired of Being a Mule

Don't become, or stay, as a mule, allowing your circumstances - and not the Lord - to rule you! God wants more than that and so do you!

God has Already Begun to Desolate America

God's Word clearly shows how, beyond a shadow of a doubt, God ruins and desolates societies who have sinned against Him and rejected Him! America being no exception…

The Power of the Secret Closet

The reason so many Christians don't have power in their lives is because they don't have a prayer life. There is absolutely no power in haphazard, on-again-off-again praying! But, if you’re determined to seek the Lord like He desires, His rewards will follow!

Sin shall not have Dominion over You!

The title of this article is a promise from the Word of God! Don’t believe God really meant it? Read on, because you, like each and every believer, must believe it in order to conquer the sin in your life!

Judgment Day

On this great and terrible day each person will be summoned by the Judge to the last court - a court of no appeals! Make sure this will not be the beginning of eternal regret and torment for your soul.

The Truth about Judas – Betrayer of Jesus

Judas was personally chosen by Jesus as one of His disciples. How could satan get a foothold in his life? The church still witnesses the betrayal of Jesus Christ every day and the spirit of Judas is very much alive in the hearts of many former followers of Christ - and within the walls of the church as well! Make sure it is not in you…

Drifting away from Christ

No believer is immune to the sin of drifting from Christ! Our constant prayer should be “Keep me hungry for you Lord”!

Understanding Your Temptations

Martin Luther, the father of the Reformation, said three requisites go into the making of a true minister of the gospel. These three things also apply to any overcoming Christian: prayer, meditation - and temptation.

Counterfeit Spirituality

Satan’s great priority today is to silence all reproof, to shut the mouths of all prophets and watchmen, and to discredit all preaching against sin by saying it is too judgmental. If you are not on guard, the enemy or some deluded believer will try to get you to ease your conscience, rather than obey the Word.

The Girdle of God

Learn about how God commanded Jeremiah to wear a girdle over his clothes and why such an act taught Israel of that day, as well as us today, a valuable lesson.

Embracing the Will of God

There is a world of difference between submitting to God and really embracing His will. The way we choose determines the victory we have in Christ.

Believing the Love of God

Not many Christians can say with authority, "Yes, I know Jesus loves me - because I have an understanding of what His love is. I have apprehended it - I live in it. It is the foundation of my daily walk."

The Self Destruction of America

It’s not Russia, China, or any other country that is destroying America. It is America itself, rotting from the inside out. Like the Israelites of old, God has had mercy and given this nation many chances, but our refusal to follow God, in His way, is literally destroying us.

God wants You to Know His Voice!

Christ is the Bridegroom longing to be with His bride, the church. He desires intimacy with each believer and wants to be known by you.

How to Get and Keep the Blessing and Favour of God

The book of Haggai is a marvelous lesson on how to get and keep the blessing and favour of the Lord. In utter simplicity, the prophet Haggai outlines how God's children can live and walk under God's continual blessing and favour.

Accusing God of Child Neglect

Our glorious worship in church, our heartfelt praise, our daily Christian walk - all are in vain if we think for a moment that God has neglected us in any area of our lives! What and how much God thinks of His followers is laid out in His Word so that we might know His deep care for us.

The Power of a Blameless Life

A blameless life is possible - but you must desire it with all that is in you! By looking at the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians we see what it means to be blameless before God.

Don’t Run From Jezebel

Jezebel represents a seducing spirit that is at work in the world right now, desiring to rob the church of true worship. We must follow Elijah’s example in fighting off the spirit of Jezebel, and be in full control of our lives - through the power and might of the Holy Ghost!

The Monster Flood of ’93 – What Does It Mean?

The Bible tells us God never sends judgment on a nation until He first reveals His plans to His servants, the prophets… God always raises up men to cry out, warn and preach repentance… But when there is no response to His warnings, God begins to judge that nation…

Turning Wimps into Warriors

It’s time we Christians faced up to a sad fact about ourselves as well – and that is, the church of Jesus Christ is full of wimps! I simply don’t know another word to describe the spiritual cowardice sweeping through the church!

God Overanswers Prayer!

One of the most often-heard phrases in the church is, “God answers prayer!” Yet that is only half the truth. The whole truth is, “God overanswers prayer!”

The Mother of All Sins

I could list for you a whole catalogue of sins that believing Christians practice. But none of these sins would come near to the sin that I want to talk about. This sin is the mother of all sins… the sin of unbelief!

Father’s Love

Many thousands of Christians do not believe God loves them, because their earthly father treated them wrongly. This message is to speak to them and all who have “not discovered the depths of our Heavenly Father’s special love!”

Tame Your Tongue!

But the tongue no man can tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison” (JAMES 3:8). In this verse… James is talking about the tongues of believers. He is issuing a call to the church to gain control of their tongues – before they are destroyed by them!

Saved – But Miserable!

God delivered Israel miraculously from the Egyptians at the Red Sea, and how they rejoiced and praised God, saying “Who could ever doubt such a great and mighty God?” Yet, within three days, they had lost faith in God and were complaining against Moses and Aaron, and wishing they had died in Egypt. So it is today that many today experience great and mighty miracles, but “lose their faith and end up in a desert of doubt and unbelief – saved, but miserable!”


When you hear the word ‘violence’ what comes to mind?” In Noah’s day, mankind had become so violent that God determined to destroy the whole earth. “I wonder what kind of violence went on in Noah’s generation that caused God to say, ‘I can’t take any more of this. I’m sorry I created man!’

The Suffering of Saints!

I have a godly friend who has undergone incredible suffering – physical, spiritual and emotional… I’ve wondered how my friend could go on without collapsing under the burden of it all.

The Solomon Church!

I believe Solomon represents the spirit and nature of the modern, last-day Laodicean church. And this church – here in America and throughout the world - is headed for the same ruin Solomon faced!

How Not to Come to God!

Most people who call themselves by God’s name have learned to go to Him in their time of need… Does God hear every child of His who cries out to Him? Do all who ask receive? There is a crucial link missing in many of our lives. And often this is why we don not receive answers to many of our prayers…

Are You Mad at God?

There is nothing more dangerous to a Christian than to carry around a resentment against God. Yet I am shocked by the growing number of believers I meet who are peeved at the Lord… deep inside, they hold some kind of a grudge against Him. Why? They believe He’s not interested in their lives or problems!

The Perils and Sorrows of a Contrite Heart

The word ‘contrite’ means ‘broken in spirit by a sense of guilt; a condition of being sincerely repentant; having a hatred for sin and a willingness to change.’ This article examines the life of Jacob to see what God will do with those who are contrite, though they have many faults and failures.

The Stumbling Block of Iniquity

A stumbling block of iniquity is any evil thing that hinders your spiritual progress – anything that stands between you and God!

I Almost Slipped!

There is a sin raging in the church right now that is causing the fall of multitudes of Christians. This is a soul-damning sin that must be exposed and dealt with – in every one of us!

Honouring the Sabbath

Today… Sunday is no longer a hallowed day… even for the majority of Christians. Is it good that we’ve made the Sabbath a spiritual observance, rather than just an outward, legal obedience? Could this even be a sign of spiritual maturity?

Stand Still and See the Salvation of the Lord!

The Bible is filled with examples of great and alarming crises – deliberately set up by the Lord. God is always searching the earth for a people who will trust Him in every crisis, trial and hopeless situation… He wants to see if we’re willing to stand still and wait for Him to bring supernatural deliverance.

America's Gold Calf is Coming Down

The stock market has become America’s golden calf. People see it as a financial saviour, and they worship it daily – trusting in it, depending on it, giving it all their energy and attention. But it’s going to fall suddenly…

A Message for Christians Who Have Bad Days

The Christian life is not a life of clear sailing. Every believer is going to have bad days, no matter how holy he may be… Fortunately Jesus isn’t just a ‘good times only’ Saviour…

A Nation under Delusion!

In 2 THESSALONIANS 2:1-3 Paul warns believers about the last days, and commands them “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition…” In this message, David Wilkerson warns that the one in greatest danger of being deceived is the believer who gladly hears God’s Word – but won’t obey it!

Helpers in Prayer

There are many examples in the Bible showing the importance of praying for one another. Paul himself states one of the important factors in his deliverance from trials and tribulation in 1 CORINTHIANS 10:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us…” Mighty deliverances take place when God’s saints seek Him diligently with childlike faith for their brothers’ and sisters’ needs.

Looking for the Right Church in the Wrong Places!

If there is one complaint I hear consistently from Christians all over the world, it’s this: “I can’t find a good church anywhere!”

Out of the Depths I Cried

David suffered incredibly under the Lord’s chastening rod. On every front, things went horribly wrong in his life… David believed that God had abandoned him because of his sin. Many Christians are just like David, they want to follow God, but they’ve sinned horribly and have lost all the joy, cheer and freedom they once enjoyed.

Tempting the Lord!

Tempting the Lord begins when God allows a crisis in our lives to intensify. As with the Israelites in the wilderness, going through trials exposes unbelief, pride, self-sufficiency and all other things within us that hinder His fullness in us. God wants us to believe in His Word, and we will find He already has a plan of deliverance in place…

The Dethroning of Christ in America!

God the Father enthroned Christ as King over all nations and all nature, and as Lord over the church… All dominion has been given into His hands – He rules over our nation, the church and our individual lives. Yet all around us today, we see our society and government dethroning Christ – refusing to acknowledge His authority and kingship…

The Only Hope in the Coming Storm!

God promised the prophet Zechariah that in the last days, He would be a protective wall of fire around His people… These promises are meant to comfort us beforehand – because all the prophets warn of a great storm coming in the final days…

What Every Christian Should Know About Spiritual Growth!

Paul commended the Christians at Thessalonica for their exceeding growth in the faith. Could you be likewise commended? In this article, learn three important things every Christian should know about spiritual growth.

Your Friends Matter to God!

Who do you name as your closest friends? Believe it or not, this question is a matter of great concern to the Lord. And that’s because your friendships speak loudly – both to God and to the world – about the condition of your heart.

Are You Growing in Grace?

One question has been at the forefront of my mind in recent weeks. I believe it’s a question every sincere believer must ask himself continually: Am I growing in grace… Am I relying on the Holy Spirit to make me more like Jesus…?

Maintaining the Joy of the Lord

What is missing in multitudes of churches today is the thing most needed by the lost: genuine, soul-satisfying joy… This joy which results from biblical preaching and true repentance – brings true strength to God’s people and draws sinners into His house…

The Temptation of the Righteous

If God was so pleased with Jesus… why did He then lead Christ into a wilderness experience? Let me remind you that Jesus is the pattern for our lives as believers… The message from scripture is clear: All who are in Christ will undergo a trying wilderness experience, just as Jesus did… and it will be accompanied by satanic temptations.

Governed by the Word of God (Part One of Two Messages)

According to the dictionary, to govern means ‘to guide, to direct, to control all actions and behavior of those under authority.’ In short, Jesus must be allowed to control all or our actions and behavior… Can you honestly say that day after day, Jesus’ government over you is increasing? Or are you defying His rule whenever it collides with your flesh?

Governed by the Word of God (Part Two of Two Messages)

I want to show you what happens to a nation when its leaders – as well as God’s people in that land – reject the Bible as the Lord’s divine voice. Wherever the authority of Scripture is removed, chaos soon follows – and judgment appears at the door.

Shall We Continue in Sin?

How can anyone who calls himself a lover of Jesus knowingly continue in sin? As followers of Christ, we claim to be delivered from sin’s power… Yet multitudes of believers today continue to cling to lusts, habits, grudges, [and] bitterness.

Satan Seeks to Devour You

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour…” (1 PETER 5:8). You may not want to think about it or even accept it – but if you have determined to follow Jesus with all your heart, satan has marked you for destruction…

Who is Guarding the Front Door of Your House?

America’s children today are a lost generation. No other generation in history has been so plagued by sex, drugs, alcohol, greed and murder at such a young age. My question is, who is to blame?

Our God Can Fix Anything

Is anything too hard for the Lord? Each of us has to face our own difficult situations in life. And in the midst of them God asks, ‘Do you think your problem is too hard for me to fix?’

The Mantle of Elijah

What can we learn from the story of Elijah’s mantel being passed on to Elisha? The lesson God is teaching here is that He wants to do greater things with each succeeding generation. And each new generation must seek the Lord for its own experience of the Holy Spirit and His power…

The Measured Glory of God

Several Scriptures in the New Testament talk about God measuring out His glory and grace to those who believe. This article shows how our actions can affect the amount of glory that Jesus can give us. As it says in JAMES 4:8, “Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.”

Hell-Shaking Prayer

Daniel is an example to us of how important it is to have a praying minister during times of crisis. Throughout his life, when life was good and when situations seemed impossible, Daniel turned to God in prayer – and God answered!

Unrestricted Access to the Father

God’s children have one of the greatest privileges ever bestowed upon humankind. We have the right, the boldness and the freedom to break in on our Lord at anytime.

Guarding the Sheep: Beware of Wolves in the Church

The apostle Paul warned the church at Ephesus that grievous wolves would attack from within the church. He was not speaking about animals, but about people within the church, who would preach doctrines contrary to what God’s Word says, thereby destroying many people. This message is especially for pastors and overseers, warning them to guard their flock from wolves.

The Trumpet Is Sounding But No One Is Alarmed

The prophet Amos described God as a roaring lion, ready to strike Israel with judgment… God was about to send judgment on His people for their overwhelming evil and corruption. This prophecy is not just meant for Israel, but for the church right now as well. But right now, few want to hear a message having to do with judgment…

The Unreasonableness of Faith

“When God says to humankind, ‘Believe’, He demands something that’s wholly beyond reason… Think about it: Hebrews says that faith is the substance of something hoped for, evidence that’s unseen…”

A Manifestation of Jesus

The apostle Paul states that we’re called to be a manifestation of the truth. Of course, we know that Jesus is this truth. So, what does Paul mean by saying, in essence, that we’re to manifest Jesus?

Faith For The Supernatural

Unbelief has always grieved the heart of Jesus. When our Lord came to earth in the flesh, He brought incredible light into the world. And that light was meant to open the eyes of men. Yet, in spite of Jesus’ amazing show of light, Scripture speaks of incredible examples of unbelief in the very face of such light.