Creation versus Evolution

These articles debate both sides of the argument.

Are Mutations Helpful?

Evolutionists must believe that mutations can provide the new raw material for living things to evolve into other more complicated life forms, which have completely new structures and functions!

The Stone Age Swindle

This article demonstrates how easily the public has been deceived into believing “scientific fact” from those who have a vested interest. They give “researchers” the “proof” they need to support their theories, but do not help anyone to find the truth…

Theistic Evolution

Theistic Evolution is the belief that God worked through evolutionary means to bring the world to its present condition. This viewpoint is taken by many professing Christians, yet what does the Bible say?

Needed: A Designer

It has been argued that because proteins can randomly combine to form amino acids that this is evidence for life being able to generate from inanimate material. This article shows the procedure through which these proteins must go through to produce random amino acids and demonstrates the need for input of information, so that order can increase. In other words, a Designer is necessary.

Miracles of Evolution? - Or Creation?

This article examines some cases of incredible so-called evolutionary “adaptations” in the plant and animal worlds. When looking at examples from the Australian wildlife the evidence of intelligent design can be seen, rather than random occurrences.

Creation or Evolution?

“Many people choose to believe in the ‘theory of evolution’ because of their reluctance to admit that God is their Creator.”

Coal Beds and Noah's Flood

Evolutionary geologists say that the creationist’s explanation of a single worldwide flood, which occurred only a few thousand years ago, is not an adequate explanation of how the world’s coal seams have formed. Could layered coal seams, separated by sedimentary rock, have been produced in just one flood?

How Fast Can Coal Form?

The development of peat is the first stage in the formation of coal. The peat layer in Spirit Lake demonstrates that peat, normally thought to take at least 1000 years to form into just one inch of coal, can in fact form very rapidly.

Why Sound is 'Music to Your Ears'!

Could the miraculous design of your internal ear have ‘evolved’ or is it a miracle of creation?

We Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!

Did the human body come about through chance and random events over long periods of time? Take a closer look at some of the amazing aspects of the human body that clearly show an intricate structure that could not have happened by chance.

Cranial Capacity - A "Numbers Game" for Evolutionists!

Evolutionists have attempted to correlate the cranial volume of the brain with its capacity for knowledge. However this theory actually defies evolution. Read more below…

Vestigial Organs

Vestigial organs are structures for which no use has been found. Do these organs offer any proof for evolution, or is it as the ever-shrinking list indicates, that we have just not discovered the true importance of these organs?

Hands and Feet

Some evolutionary ideas about the human embryo have set back scientific embryology a hundred years…

Did God Really Take Six Days?

The answer is “yes”! The Hebrew text show that the six days of creation were not long allegorical periods, but were literally six days.

Do the Days Really Matter?

Did Creation really take place in six literal days? Does it really matter whether it did or not?

How Long Were the Days of Genesis 1?

God created heaven and earth in six days? But could it be that these days were millions of years long? Read here why not.

Aren't Adam, Eve and Noah Just Legends?

If Noah, Adam & Eve, were just legends then why did Christ Himself refer to them and many of the other characters of the Old Testament?

The World God Created

This article gives examples from geology, climatology, and human anatomy, to show that biblical descriptions of the world as God created it are scientifically sound. Questions such as "Where was the Garden of Eden?" and "Where did Cain get his wife?" are also addressed.

Does the Bible Speak of a Vapour Canopy?

It has been hypothesised that a canopy of water vapour surrounded the earth at one time, and the collapse of this canopy led to the worldwide flood. This study examines the Bible to see if this hypothesis coincides with the Word of God.

Where Did the Different Races of Man Come From?

How could all the different races of people come from only Noah and his family?

Evolution's Bloopers and Blunders

This article discusses the scientific errors and outright fraud that some scientists have used to support the Evolution Theory.

Adam - Evolved or Created?

The Bible teaches that God made Adam out of the dust of the ground, but some people think that Adam was an ape-man that God breathed into so he became fully human. This article exposes the fossil record of the so-called ape-men and shows that God’s Word can be trusted!

Pre-Flood Artifacts

Artefacts from pre-flood times give evidence to the credibility of the Bible and the flood record.

The Races of Mankind

“Is it possible for two people (i.e. Adam and Eve) to give rise to all the different types of people that we have on the earth today?”

Shades of Babel

Could all races of the world really have descended from Noah, as the Bible describes? Genetic evidence suggests they could have!

The Hoatzin

In the Amazon forests of South America lives a strange bird called the hoatzin. It lives beside the riverbanks and eats leaves and fruit. The mother hoatzin builds her nest in trees or bushes which hang over the water, and when the baby birds hatch, they have claws on their wings! This is very unusual as very few birds have these claws, but to the baby hoatzin they are very necessary. Another proof for Creation!

Weird and Wonderful! The Woodpecker

Did you know that the woodpecker uses its bill like a road drill? It hammers away at trees at the rate of 8 or 10 beats a second! It can make holes in the hardest wood - even in concrete, yet it does all this without damaging its brain. How is this possible?

Our Young Universe

Is our universe really 10 to 20 billion years old as proponents of the 'Big Bang Theory' claim? This article examines different features of the solar system which provide evidence for a young universe.

The Universe Is Young

"It is generally assumed that the universe is billions of years old. An American scientist is now radically questioning these time spans in a book. His conclusion: the CREATION is very young."

Other Young Earth Indicators

The credibility of evolution relies on the earth being billions of years old. However, many scientific indicators such as ancient written records, sediments in rivers and oceans, cosmic dust accumulation on the moon and many other factors, show the earth to be less than 10,000 years old. Find out more...

Johannes Kepler

Read here about this outstanding scientist, who was a committed Christian. His faith played an important role in his astronomical research.

Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton is well known as one of the greatest scientists who ever lived. Less well known is his deep belief in God and his conviction that scientific investigation leads to a greater knowledge of God - the Creator of the universe.

Creation and the Appearance of Age

In layman’s terms, entropy is a measure of the state of disorder in a system. We measure the passing of time with a clock or by measuring the rate of radioactive decay in a substance. Both methods are related to entropy increase. But what would the laws of entropy have been while the earth was being created?

1470 Skull And Radiometric Dating

Many people think radioactive dating provides us with a foolproof method of determining how old a rock is. Richard Leakey’s experience with ‘Skull 1470’ shows otherwise.

Radiological Dating

This article examines the reliability of radiometric dating.

How Do You Date a New Zealand Volcano?

This article exposes the inaccuracy of potassium-argon dating, using evidence compiled from testing done on New Zealand's youngest volcano, Rangitoto.

Fossil Artefacts Found in Coal

How did ‘modern’ artefacts end up in coal deposits that allegedly originated millions of years ago - before man had supposedly evolved?

Fossils - A Story of Death!

Many people believe that fossils show us the story of life on earth and exist as conclusive proof of how living things have slowly evolved from more basic life forms. This is not true...

The Last Pterodactyl?

Did those magnificent flying reptiles, the Pterodactyls, die out around 65 million years ago, as the evolutionists believe? Or did they survive Noah’s Flood and become extinct only more recently?

Putting Feathers on Reptiles

Can scales be magically transformed into feathers with the addition of a single chemical? Some scientists would say “yes”, however, there is a major flaw in their argument...

Is Archaeopteryx a Fossil Forgery?

To many people the word “fossil” causes about as much excitement as watching grass grow. However, when we lift the veil to inspect the human side of the story, we find there is a lot of deception and intrigue.

Missing Links

This article takes a closer look at the credibility of Archaeopteryx and Eohippus as ‘missing links’. The arguments for these ‘missing links’ claims have many loopholes.

Snakes Do Eat Dust!

In GENESIS 3:14 we read, “And the LORD God said unto the serpent… upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life…” Is this an error, a biblical metaphor, or is it the truth?

An Impressive Defence of Archaeopteryx

This article summarises Alan J. Charig’s defence of Archaeopteryx, and shows that there are still some questions which remain unanswered regarding the authenticity of Archaeopteryx as a transitional form...

Did Fish Grow Legs?

Could a fish, which is designed to live in water, really change into an animal that can walk and live on dry land?

The London Specimen of Archaeopteryx

A technical examination of the feather imprints on the supposed ‘transitional link’ between birds and reptiles!


If you're wise enough you can knock down the theory of evolution with a… feather!

Mammoth Remains: What Do They Indicate?

“The purpose of this article is to present a summary of the information known about mammoth remains, associated evidence and related factors, and then to ask some questions about what these remains actually indicate.”

How Old Is the Earth?

What does the Bible say about the true age of the earth?

Bible Study: Can a Christian Be an Evolutionist?

This Bible study highlights where creation is found in Scripture and shows that evolutionary beliefs are inconsistent and even dangerous for a Christian.

Bible Study: Cavemen - Ancestors or Offspring?

“Cavemen: Ancestors or Offspring?’

Creation - Meaning, Order and Purpose

Understanding creation is an important part of understanding our relationship with God and what claims He has on our lives. This study will reveal the order, purpose, and value of our relationship with God, our Creator.

Bible Study: The God of Science!

Many people think that the Bible is unscientific. Is this really the case?

Bible Study: God Made the World Complete

The concept of evolution strongly underlines the idea that the world is progressing and getting better, but the Bible tells us that when God created the world, He finished the work. The world God created was perfect and complete from the beginning.

God is the Origin of Life

The answer to the question, “Where did we come from?”, has a huge influence on our decisions, values and sense of meaning and purpose in life. What does the Bible have to say about the origin of life?

The Religion of Evolution

The religion of evolution is dangerous to the Christian faith! Here is some reference material to help you teach your children about science in accordance with God’s Word.

Clippings from Bible-Science Newsletter

News clippings giving information about developments in the American education system in how the science of origins will be studied, examining options, not just evolution.

Darwin Thought Natives Were Advanced Animals!

In support of his evolutionary theory, Charles Darwin believed that the natives of Tierra del Fuego were far less evolved than European man. However, missionaries who arrived in the area in the 1920’s found a people with a high standard of morality, a complex language and full intellectual faculties…

Inherit the Wind

This film and play, perceived by many to be a documentary-drama of the famous 1925 Scopes ‘monkey' trial, is a seriously biased and inaccurate rendition of the events that occurred.

The Origin of Man - Part II

Do not be fooled by so-called “ape-men” reconstructions. Artistic impressions of “ape-men” have been recreated from specimens as small as a tooth. Find out more about these “scientific” deceptions…

The Origin of Man - Part III

Does it matter what we believe about man's origins? Does what we believe affect our lives? If so, how? Is the creation/evolution debate important? Does it affect us?

Jehovah's Witnesses and Creation

A survey of members of conservative churches in 10 States across America found that almost 90 per cent of those polled had met a Jehovah's Witness. Yet almost none of these people knew what Jehovah's Witnesses believe, or how to talk to them properly. But the best place to start is at the beginning - at Creation!

Evolution's Influence on Modern Bible Translations

The Living Bible's translator, Ken Taylor, sought to make the Bible a living book with a vibrant message. But his Living Bible also shows the influence of modern evolutionary thought.