The Cost of Revival

There is no reason to doubt the truth of the following statement, "Revival always occurs in answer to prayer". In saying this, we have to ask ourselves the question - but what kind of men and women are willing to go through it?

Indeed, Elijah was a man subject to passions, just as we are, but we are also told in JAMES 5:16-18 that he was a righteous man.

Nowadays, we have some great hymns and choruses. However, one often realises that the churches who sing them, contain only empty theology and a lack of devotion. What a great challenge lies within that great old hymn:

"I surrender all,
I surrender all.
All to Thee my blessed Saviour,
I surrender all"

There is only one way to obtain more from God - God has to get more from us.

William Booth, when asked for the secret of his success, answered: "I do not know, perhaps it is because there was a day in my life, when I said to myself, 'God is to get all of William Booth'".

I remember the year 1921, when the news of a mighty revival between the East coast of Scotland and Yarmouth moved our hearts. Thousands of fishing villages were taken by this revival and tens of thousands were saved. During this time, a mighty hymn was born - the chorus goes like this:

"Since Jesus came into my heart, since Jesus came into my heart,
Floods of joy o'er my soul, like the sea billows roll,
Since Jesus came into my heart"

This work was mainly that of the Holy Spirit, but God chose two men as His tools: Jock Troupe and Douglas Brown. Douglas Brown was a non-denominational minister of a flourishing church. He relates his story as follows:

"We probably need more than a meeting to get to the bottom of the truth. It took me personally more than four months. I had been a minister of Jesus Christ for 26 years, but during one Sunday evening service God touched me; He almost broke my heart while I was preaching. Afterwards, I went to the manse, locked the door and threw myself down in front of the fireplace with a broken heart. Why? I do not know. My church was full, I loved my people and I believe they loved me. I don't mean that they had to, they just did. This was the place where I was happy to be. For seventeen years there was not a Sunday without at least one conversion. Then one night I went directly home to my study. My wife called me for dinner. "Don't wait for me", I replied. She asked: "What's the matter"? I told her that I was broken-hearted. I did not eat that night. The Lord touched a proud minister and told him that there is no holding back if you are to fully yield yourself to Him. I knew what He meant. I knew what it meant for me, but I was not yet ready to pay the price. I went into my room, not to sleep, but to spend the whole night in prayer.

The next morning, when I left my room, I stumbled over my dog. He must have thought I was ill. When the dog whimpered away, I felt as though I did not deserve to be loved, not even by my dog. I felt rejected.

Then something happened... I felt the loving embrace of Jesus and all His power, love and blessing flood through me. God had waited for four months in order to gain a man like me".

What was the secret of this man's mighty service and the following revival? HUMILITY!

Only through full surrender was Abraham's blessing, the blessing of the whole world. It can only happen for us if we do the same (GENESIS 22:15-18).

We can also revive our hearts, but there is only one way, and that is to HUMBLE ourselves (ISAIAH 57:15).

We can have a Revival in our own country, but only if we HUMBLE ourselves (2 CHRONICLES 7:14).


Translated from the German: "Der Preis der Erweckung"