Biblical Origin of the Red, White and Blue

American Flag

Recent correspondence from one of our American readers has revealed that Charles W. Stewart, superintendent of naval records and library of the United States Navy Department, made the following observations in the Geographic, concerning the origin of the colours used in the national flag of America:

"The flag may trace its ancestry back to Mount Sinai, whence the Lord gave to Moses the Ten Commandments and the Book of the Law, which testify of God's will and man's duty; and were deposited in the Ark of the Covenant within the Tabernacle, whose curtains were blue, purple, scarlet, and fine-twined linen."

"Before the ark stood the table of shewbread, with its cloth of blue, scarlet and white. These colours of the Hebrew Tabernacle were taken over by the early Western Church for its own and given to all the nations of western Europe for their flags. When the United States chose their flag it was of the colours of old, but new in arrangement and design, and they called it "The Stars and Stripes."

"Our flag is of the colours red, white and blue. Red is for courage, zeal, and fervency; white is for purity, cleanness of life and rectitude of conduct; blue is for loyalty, devotion, friendship, justice and truth. The star is an ancient symbol of India, Persia and Egypt, and signifies dominion and sovereignty."

Readers wishing to check this for themselves should refer to EXODUS 25:4, EXODUS 26:1,36 and to NUMBERS 4:7. There is no doubt that the Church of greater Israel accepted Christ in those early years of the Christian era, and its people took with them their ancient traditions as they moved westward to their new homeland.

by Reginald H. W. Cox

Source: 'Wake Up!' magazine, November/December 1992