Video Clips

Enjoy the videos clips below - featuring hymns, bible talks, testimonies and musical items from various meetings we held in different countries.

Receiving the Holy Spirit - Acts 2:38

(Pastor Scott describes the pattern that started in the New Testament: people were filled with the Holy Spirit and - as initial evidence - spoke in other tongues. Cornwall, England, August 1998)

Testimony: My Mother Raised from the Dead - Twice!

(Bradfield, England, Summer 2006)

Fellowship in Australia

(Coffs Harbour, Australia, Winter 2015)

Assembly Band Practice - Getting Ready for the Group Photo

(Münchhausen, Germany, May 2004)

Assembly General Meeting - Singing Hymn "Exodus" with Clips from Glastonbury

Glastonbury and Cornwall are locations where legend claims Jesus may have been before He was 30 years old.

(Cornwall, England, Summer 1998)

Pastor Scott - An Eternal thought

(Bradfield, England, Summer 2006)

Brethren gathering in Toronto

(Toronto, Canada, 2016)

Pastor Alan Campbell teaching on Revival

(Toronto, Canada, 2005)