Our meetings may be very different from church services you’ve known elsewhere. You will find a relaxed and informal atmosphere, no two meetings are the same. To give you an idea of what goes on, you will find music and singing – feel free to join in if you like – and personal testimony given by members about God working in their lives; there will also be a talk on a spiritual theme based on the Bible, which we believe and know to be the Word of God.

We usually meet in the homes of our members, and there is a family atmosphere, due to the fact that we have all been brought together by the Lord and know each other personally – we are not just acquaintances that see each other only at church. Also, you will find that everyone, not just the pastor or elders, is actively involved in the church and can participate in the meetings by contributing testimony of how their lives have been changed by God.

After the meeting you’re invited to stay around for a snack and perhaps some discussion on a more personal level. If there’s anything in the meeting that you don’t understand at first or have a particular interest in, you’re most welcome to ask us about it.

We do our best to explain our reasons for believing what we believe, and we make no judgment at all on those who come to our meetings – all are equally welcome, whatever one’s station in life or circumstances at the time.

Please consider coming along one day – we meet on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings. After all, the quickest way to find out about God is to ask someone that has come to know Him!